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Frequently Asked Questions


Which service is right for me? 

A Basic Genome, or Genotype, will show you your genetic bio-markers, also known as variants.  Genotyping will show you how you differ from the human reference genome.  While you may have thousands of potential bio-markers, we will point out those that are significant for you to study further and consult with a physician. 

A Basic Genome is limited in that it only identifies bio-markers known at the time of genotyping.   The Whole Genome captures your complete genetic composition including known and unknown genetic areas.  New genetic discoveries are being made constantly; knowing your Whole Genome means you'll always be up to date with new genetic discoveries and never need to have your Genome sequenced again.   


What type of bio-sample should I choose? 

For a Basic Genome or Panel test, we accept either a saliva bio-sample or blood bio-sample.  If you choose the saliva option we will send you a saliva kit complete with preservation solution and return mail packaging to insure the integrity of the sample when it reaches our labs.  Occasionally, saliva bio-samples are submitted with insufficient DNA material.  In that case, we may need to ask you to repeat the sampling and your Basic Genome will take longer to process.   

A Whole Genome requires a blood bio-sample in order to insure sufficient DNA to enable sequencing.  A certified phlebotomist working with Quibble Genomics will arrange a convenient time to come to your home or office and take your sample.    The phlebotomist is then responsible for insuring your bio-sample is transported safely to our labs.



What happens after I place my order?  

Once you place your order, you will hear from Quibble Genomics or our partner phlebotomist company to schedule your DNA sample collection if you selected a phlebotomist for your sample or you will receive your saliva kit with further instructions in about a week.   Once your sample is received at our processing labs it will take about 4 weeks to process your order.  We will notify you by email when your order is ready to be reviewed on our app,  GeneClues®. You can download the GeneClufes app from iTunes if you haven't done so already.

How will I access and analyze my results?  

Your information can be accessed through the GeneClues® app using an iPad or Android device. You will receive a passcode from Quibble Genomics when your information is available on the app.   You'll find the GeneClues® app will offer an informative, visually arresting 3D presentation of your genotype or genome.  The genetic information you receive from Quibble Genomics is meant to be educational and to help you make health related decisions.  Keep in mind that genetic information is not always conclusive, so we advise you to review your information with your physician before taking any action.   

Is my information secure? 

Yes.  Quibble Genomics adheres to the latest industry standards for privacy and security.  Our laboratories are CLIA certified ( Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988), meaning that the labs and those working in the labs must meet certain quality standards to insure accuracy and reliability of results.  Your information is stored in secured cloud storage using the latest privacy and security encryption techniques.  Quibble Genomics does not sell or otherwise share your information with any third parties.  If you opt-in to participate in voluntary genetic research studies your information will be anonymously pooled with others, however your data will be void of any personal identification.