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Core Life Sciences Platform offers several types of digital services, customized to meet your specific needs and interests




Saliva DNA Profile

A basic genome, or genotype, shows known bio-markers or variants in your DNA.  Having bio-markers for a genetic health condition does not necessarily predict a health issue, The app shows only the most prevalent and rare conditions the individual genome is at risk for according to the population at large while recommending free and local clinical trials that are available for immediate enrollment through a healthcare provider. 

Blood Clinical DNA Profile

A Clinical Genome gives the best of both from basic and whole genomes while clinically usable. Since an exome only includes coding regions in the DNA, it is more compact than a whole genome and as such it costs less than a clinical whole genome sequencing. This is recommended for clinical DNA profiling and it often serves as the primary basis for ordering panel tests to confirm genetic pre-dispositions for health conditions.

Comprehensive DNA Profile

A Whole Genome captures your complete DNA, including the bio-markers found in a Basic Genome, as well as parts of the DNA that the field of science has not determined an exact purpose for yet. With a Whole Genome you will never need to have your DNA sequenced again; it will always be up to date as new genetic discoveries are made.




Anti Aging Assessment

Innovative genomic analyses using the latest technology of DNA profiling to investigate if your patient is at a higher risk of developing age-related diseases prematurely due to certain hereditary traits in her/his genes.






Order Reports 

D-Code™ (an existing 23andMe or or any other source genome for $50 - SPECIAL)

D-Code is a way for you to prioritize which of the tens of conditions your genome might be susceptible to using population health metrics.  Quibble generates a visual percentile report (Donut chart or a word forest) highlighting the most prevalent conditions your genome is at risk for along with available local and free clinical trials that you could take advantage of.  Currently, genomes from 23&me and are supported

Order D-Code






Notification and Follow through Services

We can follow through with your Covid tested patients and help them get DNA personalized vaccination and/or treatment services. 

The text dialogue is customizable with your branding and enables your patients quickly identify and take action.  

Vaccine & Drug Compatibility Test

We can process a patient’s bio sample (saliva, blood) for PharmacoGenomics and provide a report for vaccine and drug incompatibilities.

Personalized assessment complete

Patient’s DNA uniquely identifies the blood type, vaccine compatibility, drug dosage/compatibility report as well as many other useful educational yet personalized reports which are also easily accessible via the GeneClues™ API interface.




Diagnostic Confirmation Services

We are working with our AI partners to create a genetic Diagnostic support for clinical diagnoses that are uncertain or require more substantiation.

This is particularly useful in Pediatrics where the patients are in critical care in ICU or at home under Tele Home Health supervision.