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Quibble is led by a team of dedicated professionals with expertise in genetics, bioinformatics, cloud computing, data/information technology, business planning and finance. See our leadership team below.


Dr_Rao.jpgRao Mallik Kotamarti, Ph.D, MBA Co-Founder, President & CEO


In his 30 years of career, Dr. Rao Mallik held senior level positions as Vice Chairman, CEO, VP and Director levels and also gained experience as a senior management consultant at IBM, TCS etc.

Coming out of his Duke MBA, Rao fine-tuned his approach to commercializing his entrepreneurial spirit, he is most known for in his career even while working in the corporate world. His technical breadth and MBA business acumen enabled him to take on new areas of interest within the companies he worked for.  Beginnings of Digital Wireless industry, Satellite broadband and mobile apps are all in his career track. This has led him to start a company in Silicon Valley along concepts similar to SIRI before smart phone era from which he gained experience in startups, raising capital, writing business plans and building multi-disciplinary teams.

Rao's interest in biotech grew post 2000, which lead to his PhD in Digital Genomics with his best work published in Oxford Bioinformatics; soon Rao co-founded another company called Quibble genomics Institute, Inc. which specializes in DNA modeling and analysis based on computationally more efficient alignment free methods.  Rao also personally managed creation of GeneClues® mobile app which solves the last mile problem in Human Genome's commercial viability for personalized medicine.

Rao's interests include drones and drone applications but currently most interested in spreading a DNA aware proactive life style of health through Quibble.



Depuc25_pp.jpgRam Mundla Co-Founder & Secretary

Ram started his career as a chemist, but found his interest and passion was in Information Technology and specifically the Database world. Over a 23 year career, Ram has developed an extensive Data Management background having worked in such varied roles as Developer, Database Administrator, Database Engineer, Data scientist and BI Expert. Prior to co-founding Quibble Genomics, Ram started his own IT consulting company, which he ran for two years before a larger competitor acquired it.