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We Help You Make Better Choices For Better Health

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Quibble Genomics is a genetic service provider founded to enable convenient access to genetic testing and genetic education. Our vision is to provide genetic knowledge that will enable consumers and healthcare professionals to make better choices on issues related to health and lifestyle.   In doing so, Quibble Genomics is leading a revolution in consumer genomics, personalized medicine and population health.


Industry leading technology 

We specialize in human genome modeling, analysis and visualization leveraging our co-founder, Dr. Rao Kotamarti's, published PhD research. Quibble Genomics' users can see 3-D visualizations of their DNA analyzed against nearly 4500 genetic health conditions.  No other genetic service provider has the depth of genetic database capabilities that Quibble Genomics has developed, nor the 3-D visualization capabilities.  Working with the knowledge and resources that we provide, our users are armed with the information and tools they need to make the best health and lifestyle choices. 


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A wealth of information and resources at your fingertips

Our innovative technology is presented through our acclaimed app, GeneClues®, which uses 3-D gaming technology to enable easy visualization and analysis of gene structure.  In addition, GeneClues® provides the  information and resources to ensure you understand what your DNA is telling you and what actions you can take as a result of that knowledge. GeneClues® is  available for iPad and Android device users.


We keep you current as new discoveries are made

New genetic discoveries happen constantly and medical science' understanding of the role genes play in population health is ever changing.  Your genetic information is preserved in our secure cloud storage facilities, enabling us to provide you with a continuously refreshed perspective and the latest information relative to your genotype.  


A mission based on quality and security 

We founded Quibble Genomics because we knew that genomics was becoming essential to personalized medicine and population health, and we believed that everyone should have easy access to and an understanding of their personal genotype. Providing genetic information to consumers and professionals requires a commitment to quality and data security that is beyond reproach.  As a result, we are committed to the highest technical and ethical standards.  Our labs are College of American Pathologist (CAP) Accredited and Clinical Laboratory Improvement (CLIA) Certified.  We protect the privacy of your personal information with the same level of care and attention that we would want used in protecting our own personal information. For further details see our Privacy Policy


More Information?

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