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Physicians, researchers, and other professionals are often challenged to properly document a condition or patient. The purpose may be to better detect potential health problems, or to accurately diagnose a condition and personalize a very targeted treatment. Parsing long reports, spreadsheets, and lab notes to analyze the data will usually prove to be time consuming and inefficient.

Through the use of GeneClues™ API, Core Life can assist with many of these challenges in several ways, including:

  • Provides a visual experience to easily search for and analyze gene data, improving efficiency and time management
  • Maintains data in a centralized location using our cloud-based storage system at no additional cost. This improves the reliability, accessibility and security of your data.
  • Allows researchers to easily extract common biomarker features from multiple genomes.

This video demonstrates one example of the way GeneClues can be used by research professionals. Contact us to discuss other ways we may help.