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Core Life can be your digital messaging partner for your Covid testing subjects!  This enables differentiating your services from your competition while delivering valuable personalization for your customers. They will have a choice to select their vaccination and even get guidance for DNA personalized clinical treatment. 

Core Life also welcomes providers and labs interested in participating in offering Genomics services through Core Life's evolving distribution channels.  Covid-19 treatment is best addressed by creating a PgX profile.  At the high end, whole genome sequencing adds complete genomic information to patient record.  Removing the guesswork out of DNA services is Core Life's primary goal and by innovating the ordering, processing and delivering pipeline, Core Life revolutionizes the genetic test eco system. 

As a genomic lab partner, you will receive requests for lab services for specific DNA tests and Core Life takes care of collecting and transporting the bio sample to you.  When test is completed, you can upload the results to the Core Life site and we will do the rest.  With Core Life in the loop, your last mile issues are solved and your customers can be confident of the security, accessibility and management of genomics test results data. 

As a Healthcare provider (must have an NPI), you will be able to create panel tests and receive test results to deliver to the patients.  Core Life routes the genomic panel tests to certified CLIA labs and routes the patients and test results through your provider network. 

If you are healthcare provider, register here

If you are a CLIA certified genetic test lab, register here