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How responsive are your patients to medication?


Health care providers benefit from knowing a patient’s compatibility with vaccines and drugs in order to optimize treatment plan.  Patients registered through Core Life Sciences has their medical record annotated with DNA information which helps with vaccine/drug compatibility information. Additionally, the covid vulnerable markers are highlighted to help the patient care planners properly define the treatment plan.

The patients Covid tested through our partner labs also have a PgX record that lists drug compatibility and dosage information.  This enables physicians easily apply CDC guide lines in treating the Covid positive patients.

Through the use of DNA First philosophy, Core Life can assist with many of these challenges in several ways, including:

  • utilizing the high interest and necessity of Covid testing and vaccine application, patients’ pre-treatment history/record could be improved.
  • provides a low cost DNA profiling through use of a swab sample which gives very useful adverse drug response information for the patient.
  • Maintains data in a centralized location using our cloud-based storage system at no additional cost. This improves the reliability, accessibility and security of your data.
  • Allows Health care providers to easily extract common bio-marker features from the patient genome to facilitate a more insightful physician-patient dialogue.