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Health care providers are often challenged to properly establish a patient. The purpose may be to better detect potential health problems, or to accurately diagnose a condition and personalize a very targeted treatment. Trying to gather familial health history can be a difficult task primarily because the patient or the family’s account may not be complete or precise.  

Through the use of DNA First philosophy, Quibble can assist with many of these challenges in several ways, including:

  • provides a low cost DNA profiling through use of a swab sample which gives minimum susceptibility information as well as very useful adverse drug response information for the patient.
  • Maintains data in a centralized location using our cloud-based storage system at no additional cost. This improves the reliability, accessibility and security of your data.
  • Allows Health care providers to easily extract common bio-marker features from the patient genome to facilitate a more insightful physician-patient dialogue.
  • As and when the time is right, physician and patient may decide to establish a more complete DNA profile through use of a whole blood sample used to create a clinical quality genome for more reliable analysis and guidance.

Once a clinical quality genome is established, genomic confirmations for suspected health conditions are only a few taps away on the GeneClues™ mobile app, which often provides the necessary documentation for insurance filing of a more definitive diagnostic test or treatment thereafter.