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Investing in Genomics?

Three Essential Points When Investing In A Genomics Startup

pie chart.jpeg Genomics is rapidly evolving – and that means there are a plethora of investment opportunities available. 

However, not all genomics companies offer the same long-term value. A wise investor can tell the difference between a company that just looks good now and one that is built to last.  The genomics industry will not look like it does today in five years. In 15 years, it will be radically different. Just look how far we have already advanced. 

  • In the year 2003, the Human Genome Project was completed. It took 13 years and $3 billion to sequence DNA for the first time. 
  • Today it takes 24 hours and less than $1000 – and that dollar amount is only going to drop as technology advances. 

We have come a long way since the days when DNA fingerprinting made news.  Medicine will be transformed by genomic breakthroughs. As these discoveries become known, public interest for DNA-based health risk assessments and personalized treatments will grow. For example, a large genetic study recently revealed that gene variants have an impact on a person’s sense of well being. Another study has discovered how the obesity gene works. 

As more of these studies are revealed, people will want to know if the new information impacts them. This “on demand” DNA healthcare will require that physicians have easy access to both clinical-quality patient genomes and an easy method of ordering a genetic test. The more doctors know and understand about their patients’ DNA, the more comfortable physicians will be regarding the course and intensity of treatment plans. 

In addition, the general public will want a simple tool to access and understand their own DNA. But accessing DNA as data is still restricted to labs, which it need not be. A company that can bring ubiquity of access and analysis using DNA can leverage opportunities across the whole spectrum, including developing niche markets, like plant and pet genomics. 

To find this company, there are three questions every genomics investor should ask:

  • What makes this company unique?
  • How will this company stand out as genomics evolves?
  • What are the bonafides of the company’s founders / C-suite? 

One promising example is Quibble Genomics. Quibble provides users a wealth of genetic information through an easy-to-use mobile application called GeneClues®. GeneClues® uses 3-D models of DNA to convey information and is constantly being updated with the latest scientific discoveries. 

While Quibble has a game changing approach for clinical analysis, behind the scenes, the company is forging relationships with the best of the labs for clinical-quality genome sequencing and expert testing for multi-gene conditions. 

“We are opening up the world of DNA to people,” said Dr. Rao Kotamarti, CEO of Quibble Genomics. “All life is fundamentally similar – yet practically different, which begs for a simple, common platform to help people leverage and personalize their health habits. Our GeneClues® app provides easy access to this wealth of powerful information, adding a personal relevancy filter to the potential DNA information overload.” 

Having easy access to a single, holistic genomic view will be an invaluable, life-long resource for patients, families, and the medical community. In addition, insurance companies and employers can utilize this HIPAA-secure information to promote population health through wellness programs and incentives. For this to occur, DNA testing needs to become ubiquitous, and a proven platform for DNA information storage, access, and analysis is required. 

“Quibble is designed to work with a plug 'n play ecosystem where DNA digitalization, testing, storage, and access develop independently,” said Dr. Kotamarti. “By using mathematical modeling and data mining, Quibble simplifies and organizes complex genomic data, which easily lends itself to new algorithms and new discoveries. By using a cluster graph paradigm for visualization, Quibble simplifies the ability to gain insights into a gene or condition for physicians and researchers. Fundamentally, Quibble focuses on the last mile convenience for users, providers, and labs.” 

The genomic advances facing this generation will encompass all aspects of life, from health and wellness to leisure. A company that is not only positioned to take advantage of these opportunities, but embraces them, is situated for success. 

“I come from a background of entrepreneurship across a wide spectrum of technical solutions that elevate the quality of human life,” said Dr. Kotamarti. “My career took a double parallel track with one leg in non-living tech, like computers and smart phones, and one in biotech. I believe this dual computer/life science focus is what’s needed for the future of medicine and cognitive tech gear. 

“The intent of Quibble is to create a platform for DNA accessibility anywhere, any time, for any purpose. Device platform, ubiquity, cloud access and storage, and health information relevancy is what sets Quibble apart. 

“In short, Quibble will become the go-to source for consumer genomic storage and the fundamental lab to app infrastructure for all genomic services. We’re a one-stop genomic service for providers.” 

For more information on Quibble and how it’s linked to the future of genomics, click here.