Knowing your genetic blueprint can help you make better, more informed health and lifestyle decisions.

Quibble Genomics Opens A New World Of Genetic Discovery

Your health is determined by a combination of factors – your genes, your environment, and your lifestyle.  You can’t change your genes, but you can make decisions to change your environment and lifestyle habits.  Knowing your genetic makeup can help you make the right choices and give you the tools for an improved quality of life.  


Manage Health

Use your genome information with your physician to make the right health choices, including whether further testing may be warranted.


Better Lifestyle

Make better lifestyle and family planning decisions based on your genetic inheritance.


Informed Medical

Your genes may impact how you process medications.  Knowing your genetic makeup can guide appropriate treatments and avoid potentially adverse drug reactions.


Yours For

Quibble Genomics provides a living report, updated with valuable new information and insights as genetic discoveries and advances are made. 

Already Had DNA Analysis Done Elsewhere?

Have you had your DNA tested using 23andMe, or other sources?  You probably don't know it, but there is a wealth of genetic information in the data file you received. Until now, you had no way to access that information.  Now, Quibble Genomics can unlock that information from your existing data file.  No need to be tested again.    Sign up now .