DNA and AI offer the best tools of technology to pinpoint diagnosis and treatment

Core Life Sciences Opens A New World Of Genetic Personalization

Healthy place and healthy distance are easy with TeleHealth and makes it possible for quality care in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic. Classic symptomatic phenotype is matched with patient’s DNA for accurate diagnosis even remotely.  CoreLife brings AI to the forefront to make patient-physician interaction more productive and accurate.


Manage Health

Enables knowing problems early and promotes accurate diagnosis and treatment.


Better Lifestyle

Make better lifestyle and family planning decisions based on your genetic inheritance.


Informed Medical

Your genes may impact how you process medications.  Knowing your genetic makeup can guide appropriate treatments and avoid potentially adverse drug reactions.


Yours For

Core Life Sciences provides a living report, updated with valuable new information and insights as genetic discoveries and advances are made.

Already Had DNA Analysis Done Elsewhere?

Have you had your DNA tested using 23andMe, or other sources?  while it may be exciting, such tests are not clinically usable. At CoreLife, we use the best genomic information for our analysis and recommendation.  Your insurance may or may not cover it, but most labs provide financing.  Signup and see how you can add clinical quality genome to your health record.